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What Are the Types of the Safety Life Jacket?

What Are the Types of the Safety Life Jacket?

Life jackets, also known as life vests, are life-saving clothing, which is similar in design to vests, made of nylon fabric or neoprene, buoyant materials or inflatable materials, reflective materials and other materials. The bright colors or the colors with fluorescent components in the vest life jacket will stimulate our optic nerves. Wearing a life jacket of this color is easy to be spotted so that rescue can be carried out as soon as possible. The life jacket has enough buoyancy to wear on the body, so that the head of the person who falls into the water can be exposed to the surface of the water.


1. Boat vest life jacket

(1) Boat life jackets for children: suitable for life-saving use by all types of people in oceans, coasts and inland rivers. The buoyancy of the vest life jacket is greater than 113N. After being immersed in water for 24 hours, the loss of buoyancy of the safety life jacket should be less than 5%. Life jacket buoyancy material: polyethylene foam.

(2) Boat working life jacket: suitable for all kinds of people working in coastal and inland rivers. The buoyancy of the life jacket is greater than 75N. After being soaked in water for 24 hours, the buoyancy loss of the life jacket should be less than 5%.

(3) Leisure life jackets: Some are also called water sports life jackets. The fabrics are mostly neoprene composite materials, with a variety of colors and styles, which are fashionable and beautiful. These water safety products are mainly suitable for water play, learning to swim, rafting, fishing, etc., which plays a life-saving protection role.

2. Marine vest life jacket

The most common is the marine safety life vest. The inside is made of EVA foam material, which is compressed and shaped into a three-dimensional shape, and its thickness is about 4 cm. Life jackets produced in accordance with standard specifications have their buoyancy standards: generally 7.5 kg/24 hours for adults and 5 kg/24 hours for children, so as to ensure that the chest is above the water surface.

How to use: Put the vest life jacket on your body; close the zipper, tighten the front tie with both hands, and tie the neckband; the lower tie is cross-fastened on the front body from left and right; after putting it on, check whether each part is tied tightly.

3. Vest life jackets for aviation

The inflatable vest life jacket is made by pulling the rope on the inflating device to make the pull rod turn to not less than 90 degrees, the puncture needle pierces the diaphragm in the high-pressure gas storage cylinder (disposable, replaceable), high-pressure carbon dioxide gas rushes into the airbag, and the gas after expansion, buoyancy is generated, so as to achieve the purpose of life-saving. 

Inflatable life jackets are mainly composed of air-tight inflatable vest airbags, miniature high-pressure gas cylinders and quick inflation valves, etc., and they are often used in work where there is a possibility of falling into the water.

Under normal conditions (not inflated), the entire inflatable life jacket is worn like a belt and hung on the shoulders of people. Because of its small size, it does not hinder people's freedom of operation; once it falls into the water. In the emergency, it can be inflated automatically according to the action of water (automatic inflatable life jacket), or pulling the cable on the inflation valve by hand (manual inflatable life jacket), it will be inflated within 5 seconds to produce 8-15 kg of buoyancy, upward hold the human body so that the head and shoulders of the person who accidentally fall into the water are exposed to the surface of the water, so as to obtain safety protection in time.