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Hover H5-F

Electric Surfboard

The Havospark H5-F motorized hover surfboard is a fast-running motorized surfboard that is powered by the high energy density lithium battery that is installed to the board and is accelerated by the hand remote-control which is wire connected to the front of the board. 

With H5-F motorized hover surfboard you can enjoy the thrill of surfing with much fewer requirements on the wind and waves. The user can easily maintain balance on the board with the properly positioned footings while gripping onto the remote-control wire. Come and enjoy the thrill of surfing with H5-F motorized hover surfboard!

Hover H5-F
Hover H5-F

Specifications of Hover H5-F Electric Surfboard

Top Speed52km/hTotal Weight34.5kg
Cooling ModeImmersion CoolingBattery Capacity58Ah
Shell Material3/12K Carbon FibreWorking Voltage72V
Product Size1750x600x165(mm)Battery Life900 recharge cycles
Package Size1900x700x280(mm)Full SpeedRuntime 40 min
Board Weight7.5kgCharging Time4~5h
Propulsion Set Weight8.5kgCarrying Capacity120kg
Battery Weight18.5kg//

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