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Water Rescue Products

Water Rescue Devices

Havospark is keen on applying the latest drone technology to water safety and rescue industry and is committed to provide a safe water environment for all people through providing professional water rescue solutions for including beach & ocean rescue, river & flood rescue, search, and recovery on waters scenarios. Up till now, hundreds of customers across the world including fire departments, maritime, flood control, coastal services, lifesaving associations, etc are equipped with water rescue products of Havospark.

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    Hover Ark H3
    Remote-Controlled Lifesaving Buoy
    The remote-controlled lifesaving robotic buoy can rush to rescue at 21km/h to save drowning victims without risking the lives of rescuers, who don't have to jump into the water then.
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    Orca H9
    Lifesaving Watercraft
    This fast moving watercraft is designed specially for first responders for emergency situations on the water. You can move it around with a car, carry to the shore by a single lifeguard and save lives in seconds.
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What are the Equipment Used in Water Rescue?

What are the Equipment Used in Water Rescue?

During a water rescue, mostly used water life saving devices are PFD (personal flotable devices), rescue boats, rescue tethers, throw bags, ring buoy that are typically available to pro rescue teams or fire departments to cope with scenarios ranging from flooding, swift water to accidental drownings.

What are the 5 Steps of Water Rescue?

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    Step One

    Call pro rescuers. If you have someone else at the scene, or you have a phone, call 911 and report the exact location.

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    Step Two

    Stay safe. Make sure not to endanger yourself. Wear a personal flotation device if available.

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    Step Three

    Try reaching the patient with an intermediary tool. If not available, throw a rope and encourage the victim to grab on. If possible, do not attempt to directly touch a panicking drowning victim to avoid possible danger (or use Havospark Hover Ark H3).

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    Step Four

    If the victim is unconcious or unresponsive, take a boat to the victim, or run a rope around the victim's waist and then pull him or her back (or use Havospark Orca H9 lifesaving watercraft).

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    Step Five

    Perform basic first aid once the victim is safe. If possible, remove wet clothing and cover with a warm blanket.

Water Rescue Products
Water Rescue Products

Which Type of Rescue Should be Used?

Water Rescue Products
Water Rescue Products
  • Talk Rescue
    Talk Rescue

    To be used when the person in trouble, based on your own judgement, is capable of making his or her way out of danger if you can talk to the person, make him or her calm down.

  • Reach Rescue
    Reach Rescue

    To be used when the person is not far from the boat/bank/shore and is unable to swim back. A rigid intermediary, i.e. stick, oar, tree branch will be good.

  • Throw Rescue
    Throw Rescue

    Throwing a rope, or life ring with rope attached when the person is quite far away, but within a throw distance. Yet the rescuer can't swim.

  • Wade Rescue
    Wade Rescue

    If the throw rescue doesn't work, the rescuer can swim and there are no unknown dangers in the water.

  • Row Rescue
    Row Rescue

    If none of the above methods work. 

  • Call for Pro Rescuers
    Call for Pro Rescuers

    If none of the above rescue types work.

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