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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The terms of use mentioned on this page regulate the usage of the website (called Havospark).

By using Havospark, you agree and accept the following terms of use, hence we advise you to read them thoroughly.

– Access and usage

Havospark can be visited by anonymous people or entities.

– Functionality of Havospark

Havospark main goal is to provide its user the best product information about the Havospark products, and a way of getting in touch with the companny that trades the Havospark.

– User Responsibility

The user must neither access Havospark in unlawful manner, nor try to change or use, without permission, any of its content, such as text, brand, logo and domains that belong to Havospark.

– Security

Havospark took all the necessary security measures to protect users’ personal data and usage conditions. To know more about this information, please check our privacy policy: “Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy”(link)

However, Havospark is not responsible for any mistakes that may occur in Havospark, due to failures or anomalies in the system or even unlawful use of the platforms.

– Property rights

The content in Havospark is protected by intellectual property, including texts, sound and video material, logo, brand, images and design and belong to Havospark. This way, it is forbidden to change, sell, use, distribute or destroy any of this content, for public or private purpose, without its permission.

– Data Protection

You can read more about data protection in our privacy policy, in accordance with GDPR Regulation. 

– Alteration of the terms

Havospark reserves the right to amend the present terms of use, at any time and without previous notification. Therefore, we advise you to check this page on a regular basis to keep up with this information.