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Personal Water Safety Products

Personal Water Safety Devices

Traditional life jackets typically use puffy and stuffy materials which would keep you instantly afloat when you reach the water surface. However, they are not quite user friendly for swimming, let alone diving. Havospark wearable water safety supplies are designed to be used for you to fully exploit the fun of diving and swimming with minimized hindrance in range of motion either above, on or under the water. The water safety supplies are lightweight, comfortable for wearing and you can hardly feel their existence when enjoying your time on or under the water. During any emergency, simply hit the button or pull the lever and it will bring you to the water surface and keep you afloat.

What Water Safety Supplies Should A Lifeguard Have?

What Water Safety Supplies Should A Lifeguard Have?

Common water safety supplies carried by lifeguards are a whistle for attraction the attention of the public, rescue buoy, rescue blankets, and they typically have sufficient first aid items such as AED and hip-packs containing gloves and resuscitation mask(s).

What Should You Be Aware For Water Safety?

  • Learn to swim. Also some life-saving skills such as CPR and rescue techniques.

  • Wear personal flotation devices or life jacket/vest of proper size and comfort, or other water safety supplies.

  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration under the sun, and dizziness.

  • Swim in safe areas only. Keep away from strange waters. It is always good to swim in places supervised by a lifeguard.

  • Don't get too cool. People lose body heat faster in the water than on land, so watch out and get out of water right away when you body start to shiver.

What Should You Be Aware For Water Safety?
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