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Diving Propulsion System

Meet the DivBoost, the world's first diving propulsion system that can completely free the diver's hands. It was designed for improving the user’s diving experience. Using the DivBoost allows an experienced diver to fly through the waters at 6km/h. Since the propellers are fixed on either side of the diver’s waist, the hands of the divers are free during all the diving process for engaging in other activities. The user can control the diving direction under the water by adjusting the diver’s own posture.

DivBoost DivBoost
  • Diving Propulsion System Diving Propulsion System
    Release your hands

    The propellers are fixed on the waist of the diver, therefore the diver doesn't have to hold onto anything, and then has more freedom under the water with empty hands.

  • Diving Propulsion System Diving Propulsion System
    Great thrust

    The DivBoost can boost the diving speed up to 6km/h under the water.

  • Diving Propulsion System Diving Propulsion System
    Strictly Waterproof

    The DivBoost can support a diving depth of 40m down the water while keeping the battery and other components unaffected.

  • Diving Propulsion System Diving Propulsion System
    Long runtime

    The high powered battery pack ensures the diver a worry-free diving journey with a duration of 50 minutes.

  • Diving Propulsion System Diving Propulsion System
    Quiet during working

    The DivBoost produces minimum amount of noise while running under the water, thus it avoids disturbing fish and other forms of underwater life while the diver approaches them.

  • Diving Propulsion System Diving Propulsion System
    Easy Battery Installation

    The battery can either be installed in the hanging system and be worn on the diver's back, or be attached to the scuba tank.

Key Specifications

Total Weight6kg
Low/High SpeedLow/High Speed
Total Thrust15kgf
Working Temperature-5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Battery Dimension30cm*17cm*8cm
Battery Weight3.5kg
Battery Capacity15000mAh
Battery Runtime50 minutes
Charging Time2-3h

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