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Wearing Methods, Performance Requirements and Precautions of the Life Vest for Kids

Wearing Methods, Performance Requirements and Precautions of the Life Vest for Kids

Life jackets are life-saving equipment, which can save our lives in times of crisis. I hope everyone can better understand and know how to use life jackets.

1. How to wear the life vest for kids

Life jackets can help those who can't swim avoid drowning, so people must understand the role of life jackets and how to wear them when traveling by boat. So, how to wear life vest for kids?

The life vest for kids is life-saving clothing. The design is similar to a vest. The life vest for kids can provide enough buoyancy on the body so that the head of the person who falls into the water can be exposed to the surface of the water. It is suitable for water rescue.

How to wear life vest for kids:

(1) Check whether the life jacket is damaged before wearing it.

(2) Loosen the chest strap and belt buckle of the water rescue vest for kids, make the reflective belt outward to wrap the life jacket on the neck, insert the chest belt buckle, and tighten the belt.

(3) Adjust the belt, fasten the belt buckle, grab the end of the belt and pull it outwards until the belt is tightened (the wearer feels it is tight enough).

(4) After finishing wearing, check whether each place is fastened.

2. Performance requirements of the life vest for kids

(1) The life jacket can not burn or continue to melt within 2s of being completely surrounded by fire.

(2) After being immersed in fresh water for 24 hours, the buoyancy of the life jacket will not be reduced by more than 5%.

(3) The life jacket can turn the unconscious person from any posture in the water to the position that his mouth is not less than 120 mm above the water surface within 5 seconds, and the body tilts back and forms an angle of not less than 20°with the vertical direction.

(4) At least 75% of people who are completely unfamiliar with life jackets can wear life jackets correctly within 1 minute without help, guidance or prior demonstration.

(5) Prevent the wearer from being injured by jumping into the water from a height of at least 4 or 5 meters, and the life jacket will not move or be damaged.

(6) Each adult life jacket can enable the person wearing it to swim short distances and board the survival craft.

(7) All life vests for kids should be marked with the word "Child".

3. Precautions for the life vest for kids

(1) The life jacket should be stored in a low temperature, ventilated and dry environment. It is strictly forbidden to place it in a high temperature or keep it exposed to the hot sun for a long time. Avoid its contact with acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive substances and oils to prevent damage to the life jacket.

(2) Heavy pressure is strictly prohibited to prevent the foamed plastic in life jacket from deforming due to long-term stress, which will affect the performance of the life jacket.

(3) After use, the life jacket should be fully dried and stored. If the surface is dirty, use neutral detergent and a soft brush to wash it, rinse it, and place it in a ventilated place to dry.

(4) Regular inspections to prevent the long-term intrusion of rain or sea water in the life jacket box from causing damage to the fabric, belt, belt buckle and other accessories of life jacket, affecting its use and buoyancy.