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Types and recovery of lifeboats

Types and recovery of lifeboats

I. Different types of life-saving equipment for boats

A lifeboat is a special boat that the crew of a ship uses to save themselves or to help persons in need at sea. It has a minimum length of 5 meters and is propelled by oars, sails, and machinery. There are several different types of lifeboats, including open, closed, and totally enclosed lifeboats.

Fresh water, food, first-aid supplies, a life-saving radio, and other necessities are usually on board. The water life-saving devices on the boat are normally painted in a fixed orange color to make it easier for rescue ships and planes to discover and identify the boat, and it is usually attached to the deck lifting equipment to make boarding easier.

II. How do I get my boat's life raft back?

A lifeboat's proper stowage is a basic survival skill that should be learnt on board.

However, in practice, some individuals in the water rescue equipment lifeboat recovery difficulties still exist, posing a threat to the safety of those aboard the boat. So, how can you recover the lifeboat?

1. Place the boat on the downwind side of a huge boat that slows or stops, then set up a touch pad to prevent the boat from colliding with it.

2. The huge boat will drop the davit rope to the appropriate water level, then throw out two cables to bring the boat fore and aft.

3. Assemble the boat's water life-saving devices; the rescue boat's hook is positioned beneath the davit.

4. Hang the front and rear davit hooks at the same time, and choose in the big boat by tilting one side back to positive floating when rapidly hooked, and then as soon as possible in the big boat to the other side of the horizontal tilt when the davit left the water, and ultimately entirely reset.

Furthermore, we understand that the lifeboat retrieval mechanism should allow the equipment operator to monitor the lifeboat from the boat at all times when retrieving the lifeboat.

One item capable of retrieving the boat should be included in every boat life raft. When the ship is sailing at its lightest load, with an unfavorable longitudinal pitch of 10° and a transverse pitch of 20° on either side, the davit line must be long enough to allow the lifeboat to reach the surface.

If a partially enclosed (or open) lifeboat is supplied, it should be equipped with at least two lifelines and a davit frame cross-tensioning cable.

The length of the water life-saving equipment lifelines must be sufficient to reach the surface with the lifeboat whenever the ship is sailing at its lightest load, with an unfavourable longitudinal pitch of 10° and a transverse pitch of 20° to either side.

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