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Common Rescue Equipment for Water Emergency Rescue

Common Rescue Equipment for Water Emergency Rescue

Emergency rescue generally refers to the activities and plans of prevention, preparation, response and recovery for sudden and destructive emergencies. According to different emergencies, it can be divided into different types of emergency rescue.

For this reason, different types of rescue need to be equipped with different water rescue gears, which can enhance the rescue efficiency while protecting the safety of rescuers. So, what are the commonly used rescue gears for water emergency rescue?

1. Life jacket

Life jacket is one of the personal protective articles required for all water emergency rescue work. Because in the rescue process, life jacket can save the physical strength spent by rescuers and improve the success rate of rescue. Life jacket is one of the important tools for water life-saving and plays a key auxiliary role.


2. Rescue helmet of water rescue gear

When carrying out water rescue, it will face many complex environmental problems. For example, the action ability of rescuers will be limited, and in order to ensure the smooth progress of rescue operations, it is necessary to ensure the safety of rescuers.

As an important part of the human body, the head of rescuers needs to be protected so that rescuers can accurately judge and give rescue instructions.

3. Rescue boots of water rescue gear

Because the underwater situation is complex and there are many unknown dangers, in order to avoid injury to the feet of rescuers, rescuers need to prepare a strong and wear-resistant water life saving equipment - rescue boots to protect their feet from puncture, cut and other injuries.

4. Rescue gloves of water rescue gear

In the rescue process, the hand is the most used part. If it is not protected, it is easy to cause hand injury. Therefore, rescuers need a professional rescue glove.

5. Traction rope of water rescue gear

The traction rope is also called oxtail rope. In the process of emergency rescue, if it encounters bad waters, it can be fixed at a position by using the traction rope to ensure that the rescue personnel will not be threatened by bad waters when launching.

Moreover, when rescuers get stuck by ropes due to uncontrollable factors, they can also get out of danger by loosening the fixation of water rescue gear - traction rope. The elasticity of oxtail rope also provides a buffer for lifeguards when launching to a certain extent.

6. Rope throwing bag of water rescue gear

There are two kinds of rope throwing bags, one is bucket rope throwing bag and the other is hanging rope throwing bag. Emergency rescue personnel can equip rope throwing bags according to different situations.

In the process of emergency rescue, if you encounter turbulent waters, you can throw the rope to the people in need of rescue in the waters by throwing the rope bag with water rescue gear. Or the rescuers can use the throwing rope to wrap the water, and one person can pull one end of the throwing rope on the shore, so that they can pick up the rescuers at any time according to the situation.


In real life, the scope of emergency rescue is very wide. Therefore, the equipment available for emergency rescue has become more and more complete in recent years. In order to better ensure the success of emergency rescue operations, we need to know more about water rescue gear.