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Remote-controlled Electromagnetic Line Thrower: Safe and Powerful

Remote-controlled Electromagnetic Line Thrower: Safe and Powerful

At present, in the emergency rescue industry, the life-saving line thrower is a relatively common water rescue equipment, which conducts rescue by throwing ropes and lifebuoys to the target location or water area.

Remote-controlled Electromagnetic Line Thrower: Safe and Powerful

Currently on the market, according to its power source, it can be divided into pneumatic and gunpowder line throwers. However, these power sources also bring some difficult problems:

[Management problems] Whether it is a pneumatic or gunpowder type, it belongs to special equipment and requires special management to avoid accidents. At the same time, it increases the costs of management and uses for users. If the weapon system comes with propellant powder, safety protection is required in all links.

[Usage problems] Compressed gas and gunpowder have certain risks in use. Therefore, as special controlled items, special personnel are required to use them. Especially when they are used as a weapon. In the civilian field, the use of gunpowder is strictly controlled. The operating procedures are also more cumbersome.

[Performance limit] Mechanical launch and compressed gas launch have already reached their extreme performance. The use of gunpowder has almost reached its limit in recent years. For example, the muzzle velocity of a conventional artillery projectile is low, which is generally difficult to exceed 2km/s. The conversion efficiency from chemical energy to mechanical energy of projectiles is low, which is only about 20%.

For pneumatic line throwers, there are the following defects:

[Long preparation time] It takes time to inflate and connect before launch, which affects the timeliness of life-saving.

[Easy to leak] High-pressure gas has a leakage problem, which seriously weakens the actual throwing effect.

In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to start with the power source of launch. For this purpose, Havospark has launched electromagnetic integrated throwing equipment:

Electromagnetic Line Thrower


The electromagnetic line throwers are suitable for various complicated and dangerous occasions where long-distance rescue operations are required. It can be used in ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore, and mountain streams scenarios where usually ropes are needed to rescue people fallen into the water, and even on high buildings. It meets the standard requirements of T/GDEIIA 7-2020 "Civilian Portable Electromagnetic Transmitter Technical Specifications"(Chinese Standards). This is the world's first throwing equipment that was designed based on induction electromagnetic launch technology, which can replace traditional gunpowder and high-pressure gas launch technology. Combining the high/low voltage pulse timing discharge control algorithm and using electromagnetic propulsion projectiles, the electromagnetic throwing device can achieve long-range throwing effects by virtue of strong kinetic energy.

The advantages of Havospark electromagnetic line thrower

It is safe to use, easy to manage, and has no risk of explosion, leakage with a low cost of storage and use. If you don't use it, just turn off the power.

The deployment speed is faster, the operation process is simple and it saves more than 50% of the time than pneumatic devices.

More powerful performance. Uniform acceleration, good stability, and longer range.

Intelligent control. The gear can be set according to different situations to control the throwing distance.

Easy to move. HW-2 Remote-Controlled Electromagnetic Line Thrower adopts a suitcase-style design with its own lever and rollers.

Electromagnetic Line Thrower

Key Parameter of HW-2 Remote-Controlled Electromagnetic Line Thrower


ProductHW-2Remote-ControlledElectromagnetic Line ThrowerHW-3 HandheldElectromagneticLine Thrower
Max Speed of Projectile65m/s45m/s

 Note: The above products have acquired RINA/FCC/CE/UN/UL certifications