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The Importance of the Life Vest for Adults

The Importance of the Life Vest for Adults

1. The preservation of the life jacket made of

The preservation and use of life jackets made of have some precautions as well. First, the life jacket made of should be kept away from corrosive substances and damp places. Then pay attention to its service life.

A general life jacket made of has a lifespan of 5-7 years. In addition, after using the life jacket made of, we must make it clean and dry to ensure its service life. It is necessary to pay special attention to the storage and use of the inflatable life jacket made of, and absolutely avoid exposure of sharp objects or wear of the waterproof layer, so as to avoid unimaginable consequences caused by the leakage of the life jacket made of.

2. Reasons why the life vest for adults is more important than the parachute

If the airliner has an accident at a high altitude, can he parachute to save himself? In fact, skydiving requires long-term professional skydiving training.

Skydiving is extremely dangerous even for professional skydivers or military paratroopers. Generally speaking, the maximum safe altitude is 5000 meters.

Civil aviation aircraft generally fly at altitudes above 10, 000 meters above sea level in the stratosphere. When the door is opened at this height, the pressure in the cabin is instantly lost and people may not be able to stand up.


If you fall into the water, you may drown by the umbrella line. If you fall to the ground, you will fall straight to death. Therefore, for civil aviation airliners with a small crash rate, the civil aviation aircraft not equipped with parachutes will not deprive passengers of the opportunity to escape. While the civil aviation aircraft equipped with the life vest for adults will have a higher survival rate.

Common life jacket made of includes the marine life jacket made of, the marine work life jacket made of, the leisure life jacket made of, the civil aviation life jacket made of, etc. The life jacket made of generally has two types of structures: inflatable and padded.

The inflatable life jacket made of is mainly made of high-strength waterproof materials. It consists of a sealed inflatable vest bladder, a miniature high-pressure gas cylinder, and a quick inflation valve. It is suitable for shipping with limited storage space. It is usually calles nylon cloth or padded life jacket made of.

Neoprene is a fabric filled with buoyancy materials such as foam plastic, which can provide greater buoyancy. Generally, the marine life jacket made of is padded. The life vest for adults needs to meet two safety features.

First, in calm freshwater, a weary person's face can be taken about 12 cm from the water's surface. The second is to flip the unconscious person from any position to a position with the mouth above the water for no more than 5 seconds.

In addition, in order to ensure the floating process, the buoyancy standard is 7.5kg/24 hours. After immersion in water for 24 hours, the buoyancy shall not decrease by more than 5%.

In order to ensure life-saving efficiency and ease of wearing, the structure requires that 75% of people who have never worn a life jacket made of can wear it correctly within 1 minute. After the demonstration, everyone can put on a life vest for adults independently within 1 minute.