Dissemble and Maintenance of Aquajet Dive H2

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Disassembly Steps

1. (Optional) Remove the underwater camera.

2. Press the fast-assembling button to remove the wings.


3. Release the two lock catches on both sides of the head cover.



4. Unscrew the plug counterclockwise with the Allen wrench.


5.Use the inflator pump to inflate. After the gas nozzle is aligned with the plug hole , holding the head cover as you press the inflator pump to make the head cover slightly pop up, remove the head cover.




  • Make sure both sides of the lock catches have been released before inflating the pump.

  • While inflating, we recommend you to press the pump gently, ensure that the head cover will not pop out of the fuselage and cause product damage or personal injury!

6. (Optional) Take the clump weight out.


7.Disconnect the battery cables, remove the battery.


NOTE: Always work with dry hands while touching the battery and the junction to avoid battery short circuit.

8. After the charging port is plugged into the charger, connect the power supply. The red indicator light is on when charging and the green indicator light is on when the battery fully charged.



(1) Do not dispose of battery in a fire or heat the battery. Do not store the battery in high temperature.

(2) Do not reverse the polarity of the battery for any reason.

(3) Do not short-circuit the battery by using any metal objects such as wire directly.

(4) Do not drive a nail into the battery, strike it by hammer, tread or impact it by any other ways.

(5) Do not disassemble or modify the battery.

(6) Do not immerse the battery in water or get it wet.

(7) Use a lithium battery charger for charging, do not charge the battery under 0 ℃.

(8) When not in use for a long period of time, the battery must be charged and discharged at about every 2 months.

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